East Asian Conference on Gauge theory and Related topics

@Kyoto university


  • Jongil Park, A rational blowdown surgery on 4-manifolds

  • Ki-Heon Yun, Various aspects of knot surgery 4-manifold

  • Chung-I Ho, Non-orientable Lagrangian surfaces in rational 4-manifolds and symplectic packing problems

  • Kyungbae Park, Irreducible 3-manifolds that cannot be obtained by 0-surgery along a knot

  • Dong Heon Choe, On intersection forms of definite 4-manifolds bounded by a rational homology 3-sphere

  • Hakho Choi, A Lefschetz fibration structure on minimal symplectic fillings of a quotient surface singularity

  • Ko Ohashi, Pin(2)-equivariant maps between vector bundles over tori and KO-degree

  • Bo Dai, Minimal genus for 3- and 4-manifolds

  • Minkyu Kim, A K-theoretical Dijkgraaf-Witten theory

(9/24 revised)

  • Yoshihiro Fukumoto, Instantons and uniformizations of 4-orbifolds

(9/26 revised)